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Fruits And Shoots Plant Farm LTD.

Jumbo Red Garlic Heads

Jumbo Red Garlic Heads

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Fall is the optimal season for planting our Jumbo Red Garlic Heads, and each bulb yields up to 7 cloves that are chemical-free and ready to unleash their intense, spicy flavour. Raw, they have a herby, strong taste, and when cooked, they lend a creamy, long finish. Plus, their storage life is up to 5-6 months, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry. Grown on our own farm on in Chilliwack, our garlic heads are also tolerant to wet heave soils. Enjoy full-bodied flavour with every bite next summer!

Order online and pickup at our farm on Pelly Road.

Learn more about these wonderful garlic bulbs on our blog or watch our how to plant garlic video below.


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