3D digital rendering of a edible landscape design.

Planning A Well Designed Edible Garden

Like a well planned home, a garden that is well thought out is a joy to spend time in. One of the most important aspects of designing a layout that works well, is to reflect on who the space is for and what they aim to get out of the space. In this featured landscape there is a space for growing fresh vegetables and a season extending greenhouse. There are permanent plants in the form of espalier fruit trees and small fruit shrubs such as blueberries and currants.

2D Render Landscape Design Side View

Near the house is a herb garden that is both beautiful and useful with a bird bath to provide water for insects and birds. The fire pit and pergola create a lovely space to relax in and it incorporates seamlessly into the surrounding garden. Finally, this garden provides habitat for pollinators and birds with a miniature meadow filled with an array of wildflowers and some fruit trees above.

2D Rendering Landscape Design Side View

The plan for this garden is quite simplistic by design. I opted for a very clear central axis that would take one to the very end of the garden in one go. The focal point from the house is the covered arbour at the end of the garden. This central pathway functions like a hallway with several side attractions that are not visible from the house, such as the wash station and compost area and the greenhouse entrance. As one moves down the path, the fountain offers an unexpected surprise.

2D Render Landscape Design Aerial View

The only raised beds in this garden are the herb planters near the house. These beds offer a bit of structure for the garden with timber construction, and the herbs are conveniently close to the kitchen so that one needn't travel to the back of the garden for frequently used produce. Notice also the planning around the wash station. This a piece of "bad real estate" for garden plants since it is on the North side of the garage, but it is perfect for the compost and wash station. It keeps them screened from the house but conveniently accessible for anyone who is travelling from the garden to wash up the produce before heading towards the kitchen. Likewise, the compost is quite central, and easily accessible from the garden and from the house.

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