The Plants

Our plant selection is a direct reflection of our experience working with plants over the past 20 years.  We know what does well in the Fraser Valley and we will help you succeed with plants by helping you choose the right plant for the right location.

Beautiful woman and her husband shop in the garden centre.

We are  focused on growing high quality plants, trees and shrubs that will quickly start to thrive in their new environment. We take care to produce plants that are strong, well rooted and full in the pot.  We grow our plants without the use of pesticides, opting instead to use non chemical means to combat pest and disease.  

Our edible plants include perennial favourites such as rhubarb and asparagus and different herbs.  We also grow a good selection of fruiting shrubs such as blueberries, elderberries, currants.  We carry grapes, kiwis, and blackberries to cover arbours and trellises, and a good selection of fruiting apple, cherry, plum and peach trees that are suitable for the Pacific Northwest.  

The garden centre nursery focuses on high performance plants that give long seasons of interest and includes a great selection of perennials and grasses.  Many of the selections we grow are tried and proven varieties that will provide fantastic colour and performance in your landscape. Great yards and gardens can only be achieved when great plant choices are made, and we have got you covered with our generous selection of winners!

Wednesday To Saturday 9AM - 5PM

Beautiful woman and her husband shop the garden centre.
Close-up of hand holding a white peony with large yellow centre.
Beautiful woman and her husband shop the garden centre with Mt.Cheam in the background.

Plant Care

Common Questions

How do I care for my plants once I get them home? 

Generally your plant will be happier in the ground then it will be in the plastic pot that it came in.  If for some reason you can not get to planting them right away, place them in a protected spot out of drying winds and hot sun within easy access of a tap.  Water them regularly until they can be planted out.

What is the best way to put plants into the garden?

When planting the plant into the garden, dig a hole larger than the pot and mix in a liter or two of compost.  Place the plant into the hole and position the top of the root ball to be at the same height as the existing topsoil.  Back fill the hole with a mix of compost and existing soil.  This is a general rule but each plant will have its own preference for soil fertility and composition.  Water the new planting with “Root Rescue” mycorrhizal fungi to get the new plants off to a great start.  In the beginning the plants will require watering every few days  until they have established. 

Can I leave plants in pots? 

You can leave the plants in pots but they are more likely to thrive when planted in larger containers or into the ground. Keeping a potted plant alive in the winter can be challenging and we recommend either burying the entire pot in the ground or surrounding the pot with a mound of sawdust or bark mulch.