The Farm

Fruits and Shoots Plant Farm a countryside nursery in a picturesque location among fertile farmland and country homes on a quiet road in rural Chilliwack, BC. 

Two young women examine a plant in the garden.
Tuene Marie, walks through the garden with a brilliant smile.
Close-up of yellow, chartreuse and dark green foliage.

 My wife Teune Marie, myself and our children have been growing plants at our nursery since we first moved to the farm in 2010. We have grown thousands of grasses and perennials over the years to supply our landscape jobs. As demand for our plants and design expertise grew, we saw the need to open our nursery to the public on a consistent basis.

Today, we have several show garden areas to inspire you and allow you to see how plants perform in a  garden setting. This includes over 50 different varieties of fruit trees and our no till, vegetable and fruit trial garden that is open to the public for inspiration and education.  

Wednesday to Saturday 9am - 5pm