The Landscape Designer

Hello! I’m Jack Oostenbrink, a plant lover, gardener, and landscape designer.  I am passionate about creating landscapes that combine my plant and garden experience with the lifestyle and aesthetic of my clients. Each of my landscape designs are uniquely tailored to enhance the homes and lives of my clients. 

View of Jack working on a landscape design in his office.

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an interest in plants and gardens.  One of my earliest memories is that of my grandmother showing me how a snapdragon flower could be squeezed to make the “mouth” open. Later when my older brother began to work at a local nursery he came home with plant names.  I was astonished that every plant had a name! When I  began to know the plants by their names, I began to truly appreciate them and see them as unique entities. 

Throughout my teenage years I worked at a local garden center and gardened whenever I could at home. My parents gave me a good sized plant budget and all the space I needed to work with for our yard at home.  Working with plants was the best possible way for me to become familiar with their individual needs and growth habits. I was also privileged to have been mentored by some great nursery people and gardeners over the years and I continue to learn a great deal from others in the trade.  

Even after 25 years in the nursery and landscape industry I am still thrilled on a daily basis by new landscape plants, changing seasons, and interesting plant combinations.  Every new garden is a fresh canvas and a new opportunity to experiment with different plants, textures, materials and layouts. 

Is There An Outdoor Space You Want Designed?

 Close-up image of Jack as he draws a design.
Close-up view of soft yellow rose.
Front view of Pelly road home with yellow roses.

I believe that gardens are for people to experience the outdoors and I like to layer those experiences with varying sounds, motion, textures, and  fragrances.  By altering the sensory  elements in a space I can create different moods and tones from one part of a garden to another...