Path walks towards Kawkawa Lake Mountain View in background.

Kawkawa Lake

Hope, BC

Close-up view of maple leaves in-front of blue lake.

The Lake House.

Close-up view of brick wall surrounded with greenery.

The natural beauty and tranquility of this site was accentuated by naturalistic plantings and native stone for a soothing composition of lush foliage texture that blends seamlessly into the natural beauty of the lake. 

Garden birdbath made out of a stone naturally set within the plantings.

This beautiful lakeside retreat is not just home to a wonderful family but also to the countless birds, butterflies and other wildlife that use the garden to sustain themselves.  

Layered images of purple veronica, grasses and trees.

 The pathways and plantings curve and flow gracefully to provide unexpected views of the lake and the mountains beyond.

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