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Achillea Ptarmica | Peter Cottontail

Achillea Ptarmica | Peter Cottontail

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This gem is somewhat similar to the popular Baby's Breath, bearing blooms composed of numerous tiny, creamy-white florets that form flat-topped clusters called corymbs. The flowers are reminiscent of fluffy white pom-poms or the tail of a rabbit, hence the name “Peter Cottontail.”This variety blooms from early spring to fall and is great for both dried and fresh bouquets. Like most Achillea cultivars, ‘Peter Cottontail’ is extremely hardy and easy to grow, it is tolerant of drought and does well in most soils. It spreads gradually by rhizomes to form sizable clumps up to 3 ft wide. In a meadow situation it competes with grasses and mingles beautifully with their foliage.

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