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Black Velvet Gooseberry | 1 Gallon

Black Velvet Gooseberry | 1 Gallon

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Black velvet is a vigorous and productive gooseberry cultiver prized for its rich, full flavor. The shrub remains compact and upright reaching 3-4 feet at maturity. Gooseberries prefer morning sun and afternoon shade as they are quite susceptible to sunburn. Ripening mid July, the fruit is medium sized and deep burgundy-purple and a velvety texture. They are exceptionally sweet with an almost blueberry-like flavor. Gooseberries are very versatile and delicious eaten fresh, canned, dried or added to a range of baked dishes. This variety is very productive. We recommend the shrub be used as a vertical accent or even as a small hedge to separate different parts of the garden. Black velvet is a self-fertile, thorny variety acclaimed for its high disease resistance. Hardy to zone 3.

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