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Blueberry Bluecrop | 1 Gallon

Blueberry Bluecrop | 1 Gallon

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Bluecrop is a reliable and high producing blueberry variety. It is commonly grown commercially and one of the most widely grown blueberries in the world! Fruit ripens over a 3 week period between late July and early August, producing generous clusters of extremely sweet, large berries. Berries are resistant to cracking and store well. This bush reaches 4-6 feet tall at maturity. Bluecrop has shown a high disease resistance and is one of the most drought tolerant highbush blueberry cultivars.
Blueberries grow best in slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soils. We suggest mixing in some wood chips from softwood or hardwood trees (but not cedar) into the planting hole and as a mulch. They thrive in full sun locations but can withstand partial shade. To ensure optimal harvest we recommend a light winter pruning, removing damaged or crossing branches and thinning out some of the older branches once the bush has gone dormant. This is Zone 4-8

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