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Blueberry Sunshine Blue | 1 Gallon

Blueberry Sunshine Blue | 1 Gallon

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Sunshine Blue is a popular semi-dwarf highbush cultiver; this variety remains compact, reaching 3-4 feet at maturity. Sunshine Blue is also particularly tolerant of higher pH. Boasts an attractive show of pink and white blooms in early spring followed by an abundance of medium-large berries. At our farm, the Sunshine Blue plants put on the most impressive fall and winter foliage show. We think of this plant as an “edumental”, a perfect blend of ornamental and edible making it great for the garden or landscape. With a perfect balance of tangy and sweet, berries are perfect for eating fresh, preserving, baking, freezing, or drying. Fruit ripens over a 2-3 week period in July and a single bush will produce 5-10 pounds of fruit. Sunshine Blue is very hardy; suitable for zones 5 through 10.
Blueberries grow best in slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soils. We suggest mixing in some wood chips from softwood or hardwood trees (but not cedar) into the planting hole and as a mulch. They thrive in full sun locations but can withstand partial shade. To ensure optimal harvest we recommend a light winter pruning, removing damaged or crossing branches and thinning out some of the older branches once the bush has gone dormant. Blueberries work well in containers and can easily be kept for several years in a rich bark based potting soil. There is no need to take them indoors although they would appreciate being set out of the wind during Arctic outflow events.

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