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Calamagrostis X Acutiflora | Karl Foerster

Calamagrostis X Acutiflora | Karl Foerster

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Calamagrostis x acutiflora “Karl Foerster’ more commonly known as Feather Reed grass is a workhorse in the garden. It emerges in early spring, forming stiff upright columns.The foliage is a vibrant dark green with flower stems rising from the center of the clumps in a very vertical arrangement. Open flowers start out a pinky gray hue but quickly form very compact straw colored spikes that last right through the winter and into the following spring. Carl Forrester is very tolerant of dry conditions and poor soils; it is unbeatable for winter structure and very attractive in a meadow setting. As it stands almost 5 ft high, it forms the backdrop of our perennial meadow.

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