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Cirsium Rivulare | Atropurpureum

Cirsium Rivulare | Atropurpureum

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Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum,’ more commonly known as Red Plume Thistle, is a relatively new plant to me; I encountered a large grouping of it while visiting a local nursery and was amazed at the number of bees hovering over the vibrant fuschia-colored blooms. Red Plume Thistle forms low clumps of foliage while the flowers stand high above the leaves sporting pincushion-like, crimson-colored flowers each about an inch wide. The foliage is a deep green color and unlike most thistles, not overly spiny. It blooms sporadically from early summer through fall. Red Plume Thistle prefers moist, well-drained soils and is hardy to zone 4. In my backyard meadow, I combined this attractive thistle with the burgundy red foliage of Panicum Blood Brothers. This combo is both complementary and contrasting; the flower color harmonizes perfectly with the burgundy foliage of the grass while the round shaped flower and airiness of the grass provide a striking contrast.

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