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Dwarf Black English Mulberry | 5 Gallon

Dwarf Black English Mulberry | 5 Gallon

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Dwarf Black English Mulberries are a tasty and unique addition to the edible garden. This particular variety is perfect for those with limited garden space as it remains compact, reaching 12 feet at maturity. Mulberries require very little maintenance, they are self-pollinating and thrive in part-shade to full sun locations. The shrub is vigorous and attractive, generally taller than wide. While many compare mulberries to blackberries, the fruit is large, longer and significantly sweeter than a blackberry. Fruit is produced intermittently over a long period of time from July to September. Dwarf Mulberries are delicious when eaten fresh: the fruit is sweet with a well balanced acidity. They are also fantastic in pies and jellies and mulberry wine. To minimize the height of the shrub, we recommend pruning directly after fruit harvest.

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