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Fruits And Shoots Plant Farm LTD.

Early Bird Mulberry | 3 Gallon

Early Bird Mulberry | 3 Gallon

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We are very excited to be offering Early Bird mulberry this year. As the name implies, Early Bird is the earliest ripening of all mulberries with the first fruit appearing in late June. The fruit is similar in appearance to an elongated black berry, about 1 ½ inches long and ½ inch wide. The plump shiny black berries are pleasantly sweet with enough tartness to add complexity. Early Bird Mulberries are delicious when eaten fresh with cream. They are also fantastic in pies and jellies, mulberry wine and other preserves. These trees will need ample room to grow, expect them to reach a height of about 30 feet. While relatively low-maintenance, annual pruning is recommended. Our plants are currently 6 feet tall and we expect they will start to fruit a year after planting. Zone 4-9

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