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Eryngium Planum | Blue Hobbit

Eryngium Planum | Blue Hobbit

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This dwarf sea holly features spherical, globe-shaped flower heads in a stunning shade of steel-blue. Each bloom has numerous tiny florets surrounded by thistle-like bract, propped atop sturdy stems. The foliage forms a compact mound of sharply toothed, silvery-green leaves. Eryngium has proved a pollinator magnet and makes a great cut flower. If picked at its peak, it can be dried; the steel-blue flowers hold their color as it dries. Blue Hobbit is very hardy and does well in a sunny well-drained place preferring poor sandy soils. I used it near the front of our Meadow interplanted with soft flowy Mexican feather grass. Eryngium Blue Hobbit is hardy to zone 4.

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