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Gaura lindheimeri | Graceful White

Gaura lindheimeri | Graceful White

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Gaura lindheimeri ‘Graceful White’ is a playful grass-like perennial both easy to grow and striking in the garden. It is very tolerant of poor soils and drought and thrives on neglect. I love to combine Gaura with ornamental grasses because it has a way of weaving itself among the foliage. It produces long stems bedecked with clusters of delicate, tubular blooms, each white with a pink blush center. Graceful White features an incredibly long bloom season and combines well with Globe Thistles, Grasses and Sedums. In richer soils, Gaura tend to grow taller but somewhat floppier. Overwintering is generally dependent on whether or not the soil is free draining; in heavier soils they often do not make it through the winter. While non-invasive, we've had some mild self-seeding from our Gaura patch.

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