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Geranium X Cantabrigiense | Saint Ola

Geranium X Cantabrigiense | Saint Ola

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There are so many varieties of geranium out there, I hardly dare add another to our collection but ‘Saint Ola’ is a must have. It forms a striking carpet among other plants, and flowers profusely in May and June. After the main flush it continues sporadically blooming throughout the rest of the summer. Flowers are five-petaled, white with a pale pink blush and pink veining. The foliage grows low to the ground, around 8 inches high, and has an attractive bronzy sheen. ‘Saint Ola’ is extremely tolerant of different types and conditions; they thrive in both sun and shade and grow well in dry and heavy soils. Incredibly easy to grow and hardy to zone 3.

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