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Geum Flora Plena | Miss Clementine

Geum Flora Plena | Miss Clementine

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Geum ‘Miss Clementine’ is an absolute must have in the meadow garden; It forms loose basal clumps of attractive green leaves from which loose stems arise, and at the end of each flowering stem, small, brilliantly-colored, orange flowers. Propped up by these wiry stems, the flowers mingle well with the ornamental grasses, providing small bursts of vibrant color and adding an exciting element to the meadow garden. I've combined this plant with Salvia ‘Caradonna’ and I really enjoy the contrast between the rich blue and intense orange. Geum ‘Miss Clementine’ will continue to flower from late May through early Fall. They are remarkably hardy, easily withstanding temperatures below minus 30.

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