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Fruits And Shoots Plant Farm LTD.

Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry | 1 Gallon

Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry | 1 Gallon

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Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry is a beautiful dual purpose plant that originated in Finland. It is known for its generous yields of grape-sized, semi-translucent red fruits. Fruit ripens late summer and boasts a very unique flavor profile: the taste and texture is similar to that of a grape with the outer skin being very tart and the inner fruit sweet and floral. Hinnomaki Red is self fertile and the bushes are heavy producers even when young. They prefer morning sun and afternoon shade and can even tolerate some shade from trees. They grow to be about 4 feet tall and we recommend planting as a small hedge to separate different parts of the garden and provide some structure to an edible garden. This variety is disease and mildew-resistant and cold-hardy to zone 3.

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