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Issai Hardy Kiwi | 2 Gallon

Issai Hardy Kiwi | 2 Gallon

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Actinidia arguta, Issai, also known as the gooseberry kiwi, is a climbing and spreading vine. It is prized for its small kiwis that can be eaten directly from the vine. They are not fuzzy like the grocery store varieties and much smaller ( grape-sized), but they more than make up for it with their sweet flavor and the ease with which they grow. Issia kiwis are virtually disease free and grow well in most soil types; they are hardy from Zone 3-8. The foliage is clean with smooth green, average sized leaves (unlike the fuzzy kiwi). The flowers are fragrant but not overly showy since they are hidden among the leaves. This variety is self fertile and should start to produce in its 2nd or 3rd year. It requires a fence or trellis or even a tree to grow on and you can expect a spread of about 20 feet. Fruiting occurs on last year's growth, so be cautious about trimming too far back at the cost of losing a year’s worth of fruit.

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