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Sanguisorba Menziesi |Victoria

Sanguisorba Menziesi |Victoria

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Sanguisorba ‘Victoria’ is one of my favorite Burnet's and may be among the best species in our meadow. I originally discovered this gem at Free Spirit Nursery in Langley BC but despite our efforts we haven’t found any further information on the variety. Victoria begins flowering in early June and continues throughout the summer. The flowers are small and cylindrical shaped, beginning a very dark cherry color before opening to a rich maroon tuft. Blooms balance on tall, spindly stems and add a lovely wild touch to our meadow.I love pairing this one with Veronica Melanie White and some of the many Molina’s that we've used in the plantings. It performs well in loamy, moist soils and is hardy to zone 4.

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