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Sanguisorba Menziesii | Wake Up

Sanguisorba Menziesii | Wake Up

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Sanguisorba menziesii Wake Up is quite distinctive when compared to other varieties of the species; The flowers are much larger and elongated as opposed to the more cylindrical blooms of other burnet’s. When in bud, the flower is shaped like a small maroon-coloured capsule but as it unfolds it forms a fluffy rose-pink flower that catches the light in a striking way. Wake Up is best when mingled among other perennials because of its tendency to flop a bit, possibly as a result of being planted in rich soil. Wake Up never fails to impress as its flowers arrive in late May, when many perennials have yet to start flowering. Even after the flowers have faded, the seed heads remain for several months providing a prolonged season of interest. Hardy to negative 40 degrees celsius.

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