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Sanguisorba Tenuifolia | Strawberry Frost

Sanguisorba Tenuifolia | Strawberry Frost

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Especially striking in a meadow setting, Sanguisorba tenuifolia ‘Strawberry Frost’ features frosted pink catkins that balance on tall wiry stems. While the leaves and the basal parts of the plants remain low growing and compact the flower stems rise over 4 feet tall creating an interesting height differential among other plants. Additionally, flower stems can withstand heavy wind and rain without flopping so perfect for adding height to a meadow garden. Strawberry Frost begins blooming in May and continues through July. Loved by bees and butterflies, it is a pollinator magnet and makes a gorgeous cut flower. Sanguisorba Strawberry Frost prefers loamy, moist soils and is hardy to zone 4.

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