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Scutellaria Altissima

Scutellaria Altissima

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Scutellaria Altissima, more commonly known as Skullcaps, is a somewhat uncommon perennial. It features tall spikes of pale blue and white snapdragon-like flowers. Scutellaria is clump forming, hardy and tolerant of most soil types. It does well in both shade and sun. Skullcaps provide interest year-round featuring unique seed heads. They form what look like tiny saucers all the way up the stem all facing the same direction and giving it a very dainty effect. Some would accuse this plant of being a little too eager to self-seed, but it is easy to pull up when it gets out of hand. There are not many truly blue flowering plants out there and the spikes of scutellaria are a welcome addition to the Meadow Garden.

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