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Sesleria Autumnalis

Sesleria Autumnalis

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Sesleria autumnalis, more commonly known as Autumn Moorgrass, has become one of my go-to grasses. The plant is evergreen zones 6 through 10 and at least partially evergreen in cooler climates. It sports fine olive green foliage and produces a silvery seed head repeatedly through the summer. The seed head is fine, about the width of the pencil and protruding just above the clump.This Ornamental grass spreads gradually via rhizomes but is in no way invasive. It combines well with other plants especially in a meadow setting where it's important to cover ground space while controlling weeds. Autumn Moorgrass grows to about 12 inches tall. I've used significant amounts of these in the front of our Meadow and if I had to choose only one grass for the entire Meadow, it would have been this one.

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